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Collin Bunch certified as CEO roundtable facilitator

04-Apr 30, 2019

Picture of Collin BunchREDI Entrepreneurship Coordinator Collin Bunch has been certified as a PeerSpectives™ Roundtable System facilitator. PeerSpectives offers a roundtable experience that improves leadership skills, sharpens decision making abilities and builds lasting relationships with peers.

A PeerSpectives facilitator leads roundtables of eight to 12 participants from noncompeting industries, and provides a confidential environment to share challenges and learn from the experience of others. The PeerSpectives model stands out for its trained facilitators to keep discussions on track, structured protocol to highlight challenges and opportunities, emphasis on sharing experiences rather than giving advice, safe environment to share emotionally charged issues, and just-in-time answers to pressing problems for participants.

PeerSpectives is a program of the Edward Lowe Foundation.  The foundation’s entrepreneurship initiatives are focused on second-stage companies, growth-oriented firms that have moved beyond startup but haven’t yet reached maturity. The foundation defines second-stage companies as having 10 to 99 employees and $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue, although these are loose boundaries.  Second-stage companies are powerhouses when it comes to job creation and revenue generation.

If you are the leader of a second-stage company who would like a high level view or your organization, a significant return on your time invested, better results from your decisions, and unvarnished feedback that’s hard to get from employees or family and friends, contact Collin Bunch to participate in a PeerSpectives roundtable.

REDI is licensed by the Edward Lowe Foundation to use the PeerSpectives™ Roundtable System.

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