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Letter from the REDI Chair

03-Mar 21, 2020

REDI Board of Directors and Investors,

This is an unprecedented time. In the last few months, an emerging health crisis has swept across the world and exploded here at home in only the last few days.  Just last week at the REDI Board meeting we were talking about our region's strong economic future, and even though today seems like chaos, the fundamentals of what makes us a strong, resilient economy are as bright as ever.

The REDI collaboration is made up of our colleagues, our friends and our neighbors.  We are strong because we are a community dedicated to helping everyone thrive, especially in a time of need. We are resilient because when the chips are down, that’s when we work the hardest.

The REDI Executive Committee has been in close contact with Stacey and her team and we are dedicated to supporting them as they continue to pursue REDI’s mission:

To assist in the creation of quality job opportunities that support
upward economic mobility for the residents of Columbia and Boone County.

 What does that mean for us?  Although the REDI offices are closed to the public, the REDI staff is working remotely and will continue to serve our investor organizations, Innovation Hub clients and the region’s businesses. REDI is uniquely situated to help our investors and business community jump-start our economy as it emerges from this crisis. REDI's vision and strategic plan will be the blueprints we need to build up our community. We will pursue high-paying jobs by attracting new companies to locate here, growing our existing companies, and supporting our entrepreneurs as they create our next generation of successful businesses.

We have an amazing, persistent and tenacious community.  This crisis may knock some of us down, but there are hundreds of hands there to help pick us back up. Please look for opportunities to help the less fortunate in our community by donating time and resources to the charity of your choice. We will continue to update our investors as we have information that we can use to weather this storm.  It is my firm belief that we will look back at this time of challenge as the time we did our best work.  Thank you.

Matt Jenne
Chair, REDI Board of Directors


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