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Support for Entrepreneurs: Podcast Studio

04-Apr 27, 2021

The podcast studio at REDI in Columbia, Missouri aims to remove barriers to producing audio narratives

Podcasts can be big business for entrepreneurs looking to show off their brand. For companies that can pick a topic, produce a show worth listening to, and successfully promote it, podcasts have proven to deliver results.

But stepping into the podcast industry requires navigating a set of barriers. Finances can prevent businesses and entrepreneurs from purchasing high-quality equipment such as microphones, headphones, and a soundproofed room to record in.

"To get quality-sounding audio and have everything you need to produce a podcast at your fingertips, there is a base level cost for equipment and hardware," says Jay Sparks, Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Regional Economic Development Inc. (REDI). "That base level cost can prevent businesses from doing something they wish to do because they don't have the necessary finances."

With funding from The Bank of Missouri, REDI has removed real obstacles for entrepreneurs in Mid-Missouri with the creation of their podcast studio. The podcast studio, located at REDI's offices on Walnut Street, is equipped to record podcasts or other narrative projects. The podcast studio is also equipped for streaming video for Twitch or YouTube.

"The project was a way to remove the barrier of entry to people that would like to record a podcast or do audio work for their business," Jay says.

Jay said the podcast studio is currently open to REDI Hub clients, investors, and Missouri Women’s Business Center clients. The goal is to open the podcast studio to the general public in the future.

REDI's mission, spelled out nearly 30 years ago, is still the focus of REDI's work today: Increase economic opportunities, maintain our community's superior quality of life, recruit new businesses, retain existing business and assist with expansion, and support new business startups. To learn more about the podcast studio at REDI in Columbia, Missouri or how REDI can support your business idea, contact Jay at (573) 441-5546 or

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